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Some Better Animal Pictures, From The Telegraph Animal Pictures of the Week, Pt IV

Back yet again – not precisely due to popular demand, but let's call it high page impressions – here's more of this sort of thing. Somewhat unlike Failblog, the cutesy animal photos just never get old. Also, you know, on a lighter note.

A penguin chick in Torquay that has found solace in a stuffed toy after he was bullied by his bigger sibling

A bold rabbit shares some food with Umqali the white rhino
["Dude. You're hoggin' the hay again."]

Leipzig Zoo's famous cross-eyed opossum, Heidi

Cheeky little lion cub Lusaka grabs her father Luke's tail between her teeth
["Here I stand, indomitable, Lord of all that I surv – hey, sonofaBITCH."]

"The red squirrel became fascinated by the dog; it was climbing all over the statue and seemed to be trying to work out what it was. At one point the squirrel looked directly into the statue's face as if it was expecting a reaction."
["Very strange dog."]

Louie the show jumping pig's ambition is to be the star of his owner's dog display team. Just like a real life Babe, this performing pig thinks he is a dog.

A rabbit trying to eat food gets stuck to the bottom of a cup during a snow carnival in Beijing
["Well, s*&%."]

Asian Elephant calf, Mali, escapes the heat by taking her first swim

An Abyssinian Colobus baby yawns in Yokohama

It's feeding time for a family of tawny frogmouth owls
["Kick ass. Worms again." / "Who love ya, junior?"]

An Emperor penguin chick looks out from beneath its parent's legs on Snow Hill Island, in the Weddell Sea
["Yeah, still here. What, are you kidding, it's freezing out there."]

An Emperor pengiun jumps out of the water at an ice edge on Snow Hill Island
["Yes. I am Iron Penguin."]

Hedgehogs Miney and Mo cuddle into their surrogate mum in the form of a soft-toy hedgehog after being orphaned

A young mountain gorilla enjoys the comfort of resting in its mother's arms in the remote Virunga Mountains of Rwanda
["Don't make me unreel this finger."]

One year old bonobo baby, Likemba, plays with a piece of wood

A cheerful young elephant stretches over a barrier to get to a tasty meal, in Bali
["Obviously not designed to keep out ephalumphs. Ha ha ha."]

Eagle was given a fright when an army of meerkats chased it away
["…What the F*&%!"]

Mischievous squirrel monkeys appear to be enjoying the free transport as they ride around on the back of a capybara
["Okay, you bastards, laugh it up."]

A water vole jumps from a rock into the water

Mjukuu, a female western lowland gorilla, rests with her newborn baby
["I don't know, I just seem to be tired all the time."]

Shocking moment as a crocodile grabbed the trunk of a baby elephant, hoping to get lunch. Hearing the calf's distress calls, the herd of elephants immediately came to its rescue, scaring the croc off
[Lesson: Do not f*&% with a herd of elephants.]

This picture of a man standing in front of a smiling hippo has become an internet sensation

A small bird tries to escape a drenching as a giraffe sprays a shower of water in the air at a waterhole, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Pi, a three-month-old cub who weighs just 12kg, swats Sita a 12-year-old 160kg female golden tabby Bengal tiger
["Bitch slap!"]

A young lion cub tries to swim in the moat surrounding the lion habitat
["What do you call this s*&%? Water?"]

Baby otter being taught how to swim in a paddling pool - by the keeper she thinks is her mum

Two rescued seal pups appear to kiss as they are released into the wild off the banks of the River Nene
["What now?" / "I don't know. Just stick together."]

A plucky wolf flees after attempting to join a giant grizzly bear for breakfast in the Yellowstone national park
[You don't have to be faster than the bear – you just have to be faster than the slowest wolf running away from the bear.]
Photo credit Rob Daugherty, RobsWildLife.com

Giant pandas eat carrots at the Bifeng Gorge Breeding Base of Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre
["Carrot time, yo."]

A cheeky owl almost stole the show on a couple's wedding day. The bird popped up in one of the official photographer's snaps
["Two words: Auto-focus. Heh. Morons."]

Two lions fighting

A Rothschild giraffe sticks its head through the window as an employee mouth-to-mouth feeds him outside Nairobi

A hippopotamus watches as wildebeest cross the Mara River, on the Serengeti
["Don't mind us."]

A monkey named Miwa hangs on to a boar named Uribo while they run around a zoo in Fukuchiyama, western Japan
[And what more, really, can be said about a monkey riding a pig?]

A red squirrel with an apple in a tree in Northumberland
["I'm here all week."]

A kayaker off Sydney Harbour had a close encounter with an adult humpback whale when it breached the surface next to him on its migration down the NSW south coast ["Go kayaking, she said, It'll be relaxing…"]

This frog doesn't bat an eyelid as a baby damselfly perches on its nose oblivious to the fact it could be moments away from becoming lunch

Jimmy the chimpanzee is artist in residence at Niteroi zoo in Brazil. Zoo officials are planning an exhibition of his painting
["Prints are on sale in the lobby."]

A nuthatch looks at its reflection in pool in Hanbury, Worcestershire
["I… am…. so beautiful… to MEEE…"]

Elikai the baby Coatimundi needed a little extra help learning to climb after his mother died just days after he was born
["What do you mean, Just don't look down?"]

Black sheep of the family near Sardinia.

A dog wipes out during the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Beach

Four-year-old male hippo Hugo (left) and 48-year-old female Aniela play in their enclosure.
["Give us a snog!"]

A baby orangutan clings to her mother in Jakarta.
["What is this thing, life…?"]

A ten-day-old gorilla named Kipenzi embraces its mother.

Ambam the silverback gorilla walks on his rear legs
["Check out my big guns."]

Mary, a four-month-old baby Sugar Glider, who was rescued after falling down a chimney in Melbourne.
["That sucked."]

A brown bear plays in the snow
["S*&%. Damned papparazzi again."]

A 10-year-old boy in Lisiki, Russia was playing outside when the fox crossed a frozen lake and set upon the family's chickens - killing one before turning on the boy. Shrek, the family's dog, gallantly leapt to the boy's rescue, fending off the intruder with a series of bites to the head.
["..the f*&% outta here, man."]

A black rhinoceros calf stands with his mother

A one day old Asian elephant female calf

Newborn elephant babies Shavu and Uli enjoy their first get-together ["Rock."]

If you missed the first three installments, you can find them here, here, and here.

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