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Friday Fun Break!
Best of Schneier's Bogus Security Questions
Plus Three Hilarious Videos (from PETA)

If you do anything with security, you'll know the venerable Bruce Schneier. (I still vividly recall starting work at SecureWare – birthplace of the world's first Internet bank – and seeing his seminal Applied Cryptography on every fourth desk, including on Fifers', who'd started the same week as me!)

Anyway, if you can't laugh about computer and internet security, what, really, can you laugh about? (Except of course the Holocaust. There's always Holocaust humour.) Schneir's newsletter, Crypto-gram, recently-ish had a special on the absurdity of "security questions" that one sets and is asked on the phone to authenticate one's identity. The resulting piss-takes were classic: Here's the full list if you're bored at work. Here are my personal faves:

Plus Three Hilarious Videos (from PETA)

Who says veg types are humourless scolds? (Okay, my girlfriend, for starters.) But we begin giving the lie to that calumny, here, inevitably, with "Veggie Love" – PETA's famed banned Super Bowl ad.

I do like broccoli. And everyone likes Klan humour:

This last one amuses me much more than I can say. Here's our celebrity vegetarian testimonial from – wait for it – Masta Killa. Oh, the beautiful irony.

Okay, this bonus video isn't funny. (Unless you just think Casey Affleck is inherently hilarious, which no doubt some do.) But it does get economically right to the point, in 30 seconds.

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