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It is done. I finished writing on Thursday.

“The most important quality any piece of writing can have is ‘doneness’.”
- Fred Barnes

This is the point I've come to think of as “end of principal photography.” Quite a lot of editing and post-production remains. (And probably more than a few pick-ups and reshoots.) But I no longer have to suffer the terror of coming in every morning to face the blank page. (Yeah – it never goes away.) And I no longer have to rent my entire head out as a full-time story engine/narrative designer/idea generator/character arc developer/plot problem fixer/dialogue polisher. I can actually just take a run and enjoy it – thinking about whatever I damn well please.

The freedom is delicious.

“I don’t like writing. I like having written.”
- Gloria Steinem

As usual, the task was cognitively all-consuming – to the point where most of what I could manage outside of it was, maybe, spooning some gruel up to my mouth in the evenings. (This has made me a rather poor friend, brother, son, and partner. This is also a very poor excuse. But it's the one I've got.) I was definitely trying some harder things (again) – and maybe even pulled some of them off. That was part of the thrill of getting to the last page: all my set-ups seemed, somehow, actually to pay off. I could hardly believe it. And, again, the feeling of relief was just sublime.

Here's a sneak preview of Glynn's awesome cover for the book (which you're only seeing here, and definitely first).

We also have some super-special – and extra-super-secret – surprises for Arisen readers around launch time (again, mentioned nowhere but here). Basically, between now and Christmas is going to be a heck of a ride, and perhaps the Age of Arisen.

Or it might be said… we are building our Empire.

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Fuchs is the author of the novels The Manuscript and Pandora's Sisters, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation); the D-Boys series of high-tech, high-concept, spec-ops military adventure novels – D-Boys, Counter-Assault, and Close Quarters Battle (coming in 2016); and is co-author, with Glynn James, of the bestselling Arisen series of special-operations military ZA novels. The second nicest thing anyone has ever said about his work was: "Fuchs seems to operate on the narrative principle of 'when in doubt put in a firefight'." (Kirkus Reviews, more here.)

Fuchs was born in New York; schooled in Virginia (UVa); and later emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived through the dot-com boom. Subsequently he decamped for an extended period of tramping before finally rocking up in London, where he now makes his home. He does a lot of travel blogging, most recently of some very  long  walks around the British Isles. He's been writing and developing for the web since 1994 and shows no particularly hopeful signs of stopping.

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