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Gary Johnson For President
“Americans want to be able to choose a president who is capable of reason, of learning from failures, and of telling them the truth. Most of all, they want to choose a president who will adhere to the Constitution and will make government live within its means. I’m offering that choice.”
- Governor Gary Johnson,
Libertarian candidate for president

Governor Gary Johnson (New Mexico) and Governor Bill Weld (Massachusetts) are running for President and Vice President in 2016. Get introduced to them here in two minutes:

Johnson & Weld are on the ballot in all 50 states. They are currently polling in first place among young people, independents and active-duty military personnel, and at 13% nationally – much higher in some states. This is despite the stranglehold on the political system, and fundraising, long held by the two major parties. And the outcome of the two-party system in 2016 is a manifest disaster. So what's our alternative? Watch this! (Seriously!)

Only 9% of Americans voted for Clinton and Trump to make them our anointed candidates. These two major-party candidates have the highest negative ratings of any in history. Most Americans are profoundly displeased that we have elevated a racist, nativist, authoritarian, know-nothing, conspiracy-mongering, foul-mannered, fascist nutjob; and the latest member of a corrupt and self-interested political dynasty (whose political machine evidently steamrolled the primary campaign of a good and honest man), and who has put us in horrifying existential peril of a Trump presidency by insisting on running as the most divisive and disliked politician of her generation – because winning a Senate seat as a carpet-bagger, being crowned Secretary of State, and eight years of Clintons in the White House just weren't enough.

Johnson & Weld are in favour of a balanced budget, term limits, an end to military adventurism, a simplified tax system, free trade, continued immigration to strengthen our immigrant nation, and strong protections for civil liberties including marriage equality. In other words, they believe in what most Americans do: fiscal responsibility, and social tolerance. So, wait – tell me again why they can't win?

Put another way – why do we have to vote for Trump or Clinton? Because the powers that be in the two-party system tell us so? Because you mustn't vote for someone decent, because they can't win, because no one will vote for them – because they can't win? That's the logic? And are you going to let the two major parties – who have given us TRUMP and CLINTON??!! – tell you you're not allowed to vote for the better candidate?

Moreover, there actually is a path to victory for Johnson & Weld. First of all, when they get in the debates, everything changes. So far, the Republican and Democratic-party sock puppets of the Commission on Presidential Debates have barred them, despite that 62% of Americans want them in and more than a million have signed a petition saying so – but are obliged to let them in when they poll 15% nationally. I say that when most of America sees them for the first time, the momentum shifts their way. And if their numbers keep climbing, they could steal the handful of states required to deny either Clinton or Trump the 270 electoral votes needed for outright victory. Then the election is thrown into the House of Representatives. That House is Republican-controlled, but perhaps not insane, so they just might pick Johnson & Weld.

And, worst case, at least you haven't wasted your vote – by voting for a candidate you don't believe in. Remember: when you vote for the lesser of two evils, you're still voting for evil. With the elevation of Clinton & Trump, the two-party system has manifestly failed. Why are you sticking with it? You hold the key to release yourself from these chains. Believe in better:

Worried about handing the election to Trump by stealing votes from Clinton? No problem. If you live in one of the 37 states (at least) whose result is a forgone conclusion, vote for whom you like and believe in, guilt-free. But, if you're in a competitive state (and it really only matters if you live in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Texas), find an anti-Trump friend in a safe state, and swap your vote – you vote for Clinton (on their behalf), and they vote for Johnson (on yours). (The #NEVERTRUMP app will even find them for you.) The one good candidate in the race gets a vote, while Trump is denied one and his major opponent also gets one. Perfect.

Intrigued – and got 8 minutes to spare? Check out Governor Johnson on Bill Maher.

Got 20 minutes? Great interview with Governors Johnson & Weld here. You will be amazed how smart, reasonable, and recognisably human these guys are – everything Trump and Clinton are not.

And if you're going big, I defy you to watch these guys for 54 minutes in their CNN Town Hall and still claim Clintrump is the best we can do. In fact, they're the antidote to our current two-party disaster: smart, humble, compassionate, well-informed, experienced, principled, progressive, inclusive, trustworthy, and untainted by scandal.

So, America – you in?

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