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So beyond excited to announce the launch of the very first foreign-language translation of ARISEN: namely, SURGIDOS, Libro Uno - Fuerte Inglaterra!...   (read more)

So, a bit belatedly, here's the Facebook live Q&A session and hangout we did for the launch of the new ARISEN : Raiders series....   (read more)

ARISEN : Raiders, Volume 2 - Tribes launches 01 October 2020...   (read more)

Two teams of pipe-hitting special-operations Marines, left to die in the fall of North America. One nuclear supercarrier strike group, humanity's last best hope for survival. And seven billion ravening dead guys, rampaging across an overrun planet......   (read more)

Two teams of pipe-hitting special-operations Marines, left to die in the fall of North America. One nuclear supercarrier strike group, humanity's last best hope for survival. And seven billion ravening dead guys, rampaging across an overrun planet....   (read more)

It's been a while (too long? not long enough?) since I've been in touch, and a lot of readers have kindly written in individually to ask what's up - so I am herewith providing a quick recap of forthcoming new books by me......   (read more)

The latest tale in the ARISEN epic (a totally standalone story!), performed by the legendary R.C. Bray(!), is out on Audible now! Yay....   (read more)

So, on the occasion of launching of ARISEN : Last Stand, to answer questions about the writing thereof and the series in general - and, mainly, get to hang out with the lovely and amazing readers and fans of the series - I did another online video Q&A session (on the eve of my birthday), live from my desk....   (read more)

Handily setting a modern-day speed record of barely two weeks and change after the e-book launch, the paperback edition of ARISEN : Last Stand is on sale now!...   (read more)

One platoon of Rangers from a legendary regiment. An isolated combat outpost in the Spin Ghar mountains. 150 Taliban survivors - armed with Tier-1 weapons... And all the rampaging dead guys in central Asia....   (read more)

One platoon of Rangers from a legendary regiment. An isolated combat outpost in the Spin Ghar mountains. 150 Taliban survivors - armed with Tier-1 weapons... And all the rampaging dead guys in central Asia. ARISEN : Last Stand...   (read more)

So, having finally provided a tidbit of news on social media (about R.C. Bray being in the studio to record the Odyssey audiobook), I realised I had been badly out of touch in general, and should really update everyone on what's up. So - here's what's up!...   (read more)

The latest chapter in the ARISEN epic (a standalone story!), performed by the incomparable R.C. Bray(!!!), is out on Audible today! Yay....   (read more)

With two prequels and a side book (and counting), I'm constantly getting asked (and so, evidently, are Google and Amazon) which damned order to read these things in. ...   (read more)

Years earlier, and thousands of lives fewer, than on previous occasions, the paperback edition of ARISEN : Odyssey is on sale now!...   (read more)

One Tier-1 Naval Special Warfare Operator. One ex-cop civilian survivalist. An endless continent heaving with 400 million dead guys. And the world's last surviving SEAL team, led by a piratical monster. Welcome to the Zulu Alpha....   (read more)

ARISEN : Odyssey ... launches 30 November 2018...   (read more)

Herewith updates in a broad array of categories - from merch, to a live talk, to the new book... to Hollywood (maybe)....   (read more)

Audiobook edition of ARISEN : Fickisms, performed by RC Bray, out today - and absolutely free. You can either listen to it right on this page, or download it to your device Audfans.com. If you're new to audiobooks, or the soul-capturing cultist magic that is the work of R.C. Bray, this is a great chance to see what all the mania is about....   (read more)

The final chapter in the ARISEN epic, performed by RC Bray, out today....   (read more)

ARISEN, Book Fourteen - ENDGAME Audiobook edition performed by R.C. Bray Launches May 1st / ARISEN : Fickisms Audiobook edition performed by R.C. Bray Launches (for free) May 3rd...   (read more)

The penultimate ARISEN title, performed by RC Bray, is out today....   (read more)

So I'm super-excited to announce that, not only have I made this wacky thing (originally suggested by readers) actually happen, but I've been able to do an unprecedented simultaneous e-book and paperback launch....   (read more)

The paperback edition of ARISEN, Book Fourteen - ENDGAME is finally out. And now… my work is done....   (read more)

So I'm equally tickled and relieved to report that the paperback edition of ARISEN, Book Thirteen - The Siege is (finally!) available!...   (read more)

Check out ME on the OMG Books Podcast with the very lovely William Oday. Some rather deeper (and more personal) stuff about me and the writing process, including from the grim early days of my writing odyssey. Also, actually, this was my very first podcast interview....   (read more)

Writing - and, mainly story-designing - the climax & conclusion of this (6-year, 16-book, 1.6-million-word) epic series was by far the hardest thing I've ever done in my life - or, I ardently hope, trust, and hereby pledge - the hardest thing I ever will do....   (read more)


So, to celebrate the launch of ARISEN, Book Thirteen - The Siege, answer questions about the writing thereof and the series in general - and, mainly, get to hang out with the lovely and amazing readers and fans of the series - I did a 90-minute online video Q&A session, live from a rooftop balcony in my favourite windy southern Spanish town. It was really good fun. Here it is in case you missed it....   (read more)

"I seen a million writers with talent. It means nothing. It's work, you gotta work, do the f*&^ing work."...   (read more)

It is done. Yes, after six months of intensive story-design work - really, after six years, 14 books, and 1.5 million words building up to this - I sat down and wrote nearly 1/3 of a million words, in about 100 days. (Because I am a moron, and a masochist. But I guess we knew that.) The climax and conclusion of the entire ARISEN epic....   (read more)

The latest two ARISEN titles, performed by the incomparable RC Bray, have hit Audible....   (read more)

New ARISEN paperbacks. Probably my favourites so far, as physical objects. (Also, happily, these seem to be reader favourites...)...   (read more)

These were a long time coming, pretty hotly anticipated by the rabid ARISEN audiobook fans - and in the crush of publishing two new titles, I totally forgot to blog about them....   (read more)

Last week I was privileged to do an online video/audio reader Q&A with the fabulous Book Club with Booze. If you'd like to get a deep dive into the background and themes of the ARISEN series, my personal pick of weapons for the ZA, the special operations community, literary theory, the writing life, and deep storycraft - all enhanced by HEAVY DRINKING - with a bunch of great and super-smart people (many of them active-duty military), you can now do it right here! Any time! Yee-hah....   (read more)

As you will know, there’s almost no ARISEN without the soundtrack. For the first time, I did the entire playlist I wrote these books to as a Spotify playlist, so you can actually listen along as you read....   (read more)

So, as on previous occasions, once again here is a glimpse into the complete story design for the latest cycle of ARISEN material, Books Eleven and Twelve....   (read more)


The beginning of the end has only just begun. ARISEN, Book Twelve - Carnage... launches 03 September 2016....   (read more)

Humanity's most fearsome enemy is no longer death. ...   (read more)

ARISEN, Book Eleven - Deathmatch launches August 17th. And ARISEN, Book Nine - Cataclysm, Audible edition (performed by RC Bray) launches August 9th....   (read more)

So I'm super-tickled that I've got two new audiobook releases out: COUNTER-ASSAULT, and ARISEN : NEMESIS....   (read more)

Book Seven is out today, and Book Eight will be released on 19 FEB (but is available for pre-order now)...   (read more)

Yes, you are seeing that right - a mere three years after first publication, ARISEN : Genesis is finally getting a paperback edition. At least I beat the end of the world....   (read more)

So, as last time, here for grins and posterity is a glimpse into the complete story design for my latest, ARISEN Books Nine and Ten....   (read more)

In my quest for 90-second breaks, and to provide mini-updates on the progress of the work, I seem also to have created a decent little window into the process, or at least the mental contortions, of novel-writing....   (read more)

The Floodwaters are rising... Desperation. Heroism. Survival. THE FLOOD....   (read more)

Desperation. Heroism. Survival. THE FLOOD ... ARISEN, Book Ten - The Flood launches 21 October 2015....   (read more)

Alpha team is back - in the most anticipated and devastating chapter yet in the ARISEN saga....   (read more)

There's been rather a flood of inquiries about Book Nine, so a brief update: Work continues daily (i.e. seven days a week) at a blistering (and occasionally back-breaking) pace. It's way, way closer to being done than it was two months ago. But, as always, it's not done until it's amazing. ...   (read more)

It's the second ARISEN omnibus edition - 1,297 pages of madness, mayhem, and heart-stopping heroism. Yay!...   (read more)

So while I've been head-down in new ARISEN material, Podium Publishing and R.C. Bray have quietly produced and launched the next three ARISEN audiobook titles!...   (read more)

So it's a great pleasure to announce that glorious matte-finish trade paperback editions are now available for: ARISEN, Book Seven - Death of Empires ... ARISEN, Book Eight - Empire of the Dead ... ARISEN : Nemesis ...   (read more)

I did (rather unprecedentedly) tweet occasionally, while writing the new book. Taken together, I think perhaps these present a decent little window into the process, or at least the mental contortions, of novel-writing....   (read more)

The biggest and most harrowing Arisen adventure yet launches NOW....   (read more)

Salvation. Vengeance. Vanity. NEMESIS. - ARISEN : NEMESIS launches on April 30th....   (read more)

With 140,000 copies sold, the ARISEN series returns - putting Alpha team, MARSOC, and One Troop Royal Marines face-to-face with their most lethal adversaries ever - in the most blistering and heart-stopping chapter yet of the epic saga....   (read more)

So it's typically about 36 hours after we launch a book that the flood of messages starts: WHEN'S THE NEXT BOOK!? Usually, our answer is: Jeesh, we just finished this one - and it cost us months of our lives and gallons of blood! But this time, we've got a better answer: ARISEN, Book Eight - Empire of the Dead... launches on December 17, 2014 ....   (read more)

So - what with writing and editing around the clock - I've been a bit remiss in announcing that the audiobook versions of the first three ARISEN books have been released, with a fourth available for pre-order. Check out these flash new covers Podium Publishing did for them. Approve! Samples embedded....   (read more)

Readers call the ARISEN series: "Wall to wall adrenaline - edge of your seat unputdownable until the very last page" ... "utterly compelling" ... "Blows World War Z out of the water" ... "The pace and action are breathtaking" ... "rolls along like an out of control freight train" ... "well written, sophisticated, witty, compelling, exciting, well-researched, and supremely enjoyable" ... "THE BOSS of the zombie apocalypse genre" ... "the most amazing and intense battle scenes you've ever experienced" ... "Holy crap!! Nail-biting, pucker-factor 11, non-stop, badass, blow-by-blow action from the get-go to the very end" ... "Just WOW. Five Stars just doesn't cover this one. WOW" ... "I cannot believe how great this series is" ... "a knock down drag out kick ass read - the best ZA book series around, period" ... "six stars nothing less - I thought this series could not get any better, how wrong I was" ... "insane propulsive storytelling"...   (read more)

It is done. I finished writing on Thursday. This is the point that I've come to think of "the end of principal photography." Quite a lot of editing and post-production remains. But I no longer have to suffer the terror of coming in every morning to face the blank page. (Yeah - it never goes away.) And I no longer have to rent my entire head out as a full-time story engine/narrative designer/idea generator/character developer/plot problem fixer/dialogue polisher. I can actually just take a run and enjoy it - thinking about whatever I damn well please. The freedom is delicious....   (read more)

Okay - the paperback editions of the Arisen are here! Glynn just did an amazing job of book design on these, and they came out really beautiful (and just like we want them). And the prices are not terrible....   (read more)

Arisen : Genesis audiobook edition launches today. $0.00 with Audible 30-day free trial! (And, erm, no, I haven't listened to this myself - too scary!)...   (read more)

This, to my mind, is really well beyond a revolution - little short of a miracle, really. Here I have in hand beautiful paperback editions of the first half and a bit (about 500,000 words) of the epic story that Glynn and I have spent the last two years of our lives imagining - and there's no publisher or other middleman involved....   (read more)

We have just released the first three ARISEN books as an omnibus edition, sold at a significant discount to the cost of buying all three books separately. Yay. And it's got an awesome 3D box-set cover....   (read more)

With over 100,000 copies sold, the ARISEN series returns. This is the Zulu Alpha at its most psychologically complex, dramatically tense, and intimately perilous - but with all of the pulse-pounding, page-ripping, combat chaos that has made it the favorite of fanatical ZA readers the world over....   (read more)

Last week Glynn and I met with some very nice folks at a small-to-maybe-midsized publisher who wanted to buy the print rights to our Arisen series. I just sent them a very gently worded rejection letter....   (read more)

So Glynn and I have just inked a deal with Podium Publishing, to produce audiobook editions of all the main-series ARISEN books....   (read more)

It's time. The epic conclusion to the first half of the ARISEN story - and the most terrifying and thrilling adventure yet - starts today....   (read more)

Glynn and I are ridiculously excited to announce the launch of the next book in our ARISEN series. Both sales and reader response to the books have been super-fantastic, and we are so happy and grateful for it all - so we figured the best way to live up to that was to fill the next book with even more of the things readers have been cheering about. That means CRAZY-ASS OVER-THE-TOP NON-STOP ACTION, in spades, and poured on with a dumptruck....   (read more)

Readers are calling the ARISEN series 'a non stop thrill ride' ... 'unputdownable' ... 'the most original and well-written zombie novels I have ever read' ... 'riveting as hell - I cannot recommend this series enough' ... 'the action starts hot and heavy and does NOT let up' ... 'astonishingly well-researched and highly plausible' ... 'non-stop speed rush! All action, all the time - got my heart racing' ... 'A Must Read, this book was a hell of a ride' ... and 'may be the best in its genre.'...   (read more)

I've just been meme-slapped by novelist/psychologist Ian Hocking with a Ten-Questions-About-Your-Book thingy that's going around. So come with me now for a candid, behind-the-scenes, insider tour of the making of ARISEN : GENESIS....   (read more)

I'm enormously excited to announce publication of the new prequel to ARISEN - our bestselling series of spec-ops zombie-apocalypse dark action thrillers. It rather rocks, if I do say so myself: loads of heartstopping action, moments of genuine terror, lovable heroes, and oceans of existential dread. Just in time for Christmas! And of course nothing says Christmas Time like the end of the world......   (read more)

Delighted and amazed to announce that our new ARISEN books have both pleasingly popped up on Amazon's bestseller lists - and have proceeded to climb them....   (read more)

My writing partner Glynn James and I are enormously excited to announce publication of the second book in our ARISEN series of spec-ops zombie-apocalypse dark action thrillers. And to celebrate, we're giving away up to 6.97 billion copies of Book One (Fortress Britain) absolutely free, for the next five days....   (read more)

A world fallen - under a plague of seven billion walking dead. A tiny island nation - the last refuge of the living. One team - of the world's most elite special operators. The dead, these heroes, humanity's last hope, all have... ARISEN....   (read more)

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Fuchs is the author of the novels The Manuscript and Pandora's Sisters, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation); the D-Boys series of high-tech, high-concept, spec-ops military adventure novels – D-Boys, Counter-Assault, and Close Quarters Battle (coming in 2016); and is co-author, with Glynn James, of the bestselling Arisen series of special-operations military ZA novels. The second nicest thing anyone has ever said about his work was: "Fuchs seems to operate on the narrative principle of 'when in doubt put in a firefight'." (Kirkus Reviews, more here.)

Fuchs was born in New York; schooled in Virginia (UVa); and later emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived through the dot-com boom. Subsequently he decamped for an extended period of tramping before finally rocking up in London, where he now makes his home. He does a lot of travel blogging, most recently of some very  long  walks around the British Isles. He's been writing and developing for the web since 1994 and shows no particularly hopeful signs of stopping.

You can reach him on .

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