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These photos were taken at the sublime Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary, home to well over a thousand survivors of factory farms and slaughterhouses, nearly victims of the seemingly bottomless human capacity for cruelty, exploitation, and violence - but saved in the end by its opposite and antidote: human kindness, compassion, and love....   (read more)

Since you're all sick of hearing from me, here's a short essay (cri de cœur) from an artificial intelligence....   (read more)

So I was listening to a guy (on the Daily Stoic podcast) who wrote a book about the international slave trade (and the movement to abolish same) and I was so struck by the uncanny similarities to industrial animal agriculture now......   (read more)

Fo three decades, I was committed to being the most unassuming, unannoying, unpreachy, easygoing vegan, well, going. But then I realised that 200 million baby animals being tortured to death, every single day, was a pretty high price to pay for me not wanting to annoy people. So I've become an animal rights activist....   (read more)

We are remorselessly torching the only home we've got - and it's not only happening now, but accelerating breathtakingly quickly. This talk from amazing and morally commanding activists Claudia and Orla is a gut-punch to watch, but then again try being one of 3 billion climate refugees, within our lifetimes....   (read more)

So were all sitting around ogling another absurdly sublime plant-based meal at another glorious vegan restaurant, when it occurred to me to ask aloud: "Wait, why are we having to CONVINCE people to go vegan?" It just seemed crazy. Thus, herewith, some of the culinary sublimity that's waiting here for you when you, too, finally decide to stop torturing baby animals to death and embrace plant-based cuisine....   (read more)

I just want (and need) to lovingly suggest to vegetarians, whose hearts are absolutely in the right place, that they spend nine minutes just to educate themselves about the horrendous (indeed, worse) animal suffering and death they are still unfortunately directly paying for....   (read more)

"I am in earnest - I will not equivocate - I will not excuse - I will not retreat a single inch - AND I WILL BE HEARD." - William Lloyd Garrison...   (read more)

Animal Rebellion turned the fountains of Trafalgar Square red yesterday, demanding that the government transition toward a just and sustainable plant-based food system - to end the environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture; reduce the risk of more devastating zoonotic pandemics; and end the horrific suffering of billions of innocent, sensitive, social, and intelligent factory farmed animals....   (read more)

Raising and killing animals for food is the leading cause of emerging diseases and pandemics, and we need to stop doing it. Also, you do not need to take my word for it......   (read more)

3 in 4 emerging diseases are zoonotic - meaning they transferred over from animal species to humans. And virtually all of those are in the context of animal agriculture - raising and killing animals for food....   (read more)

I don't think I was alone in finding Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar acceptance speech brilliant and inspiring. And the way he tied the fight for animal rights into the fight against all other forms of injustice and exploitation was inspired....   (read more)

So I've been vegan for 19 years. (And vegetarian for 10 before that.) Initially, I thought I was never going to be one of those preachy vegans who tells other people what to do. But a couple of things have happened on the way to the forum....   (read more)

So I leave people alone all year about killing and eating animals. But one month a year I let fly. I hope you’ll drop in, and take this opportunity to reconsider how closely your choices are aligned with your values. (Presuming you’re not pro-animal-cruelty, pro-environmental-destruction, or pro-heart-disease, which I find pretty much no one is.)...   (read more)

Here it is, in four bullet points and four minutes. 1) We Torture the Animals We Eat Before We Kill Them; 2) The Animals We Eat End Up Killing Us; 3) Eating Animals Is *Definitely* Killing the Planet; 4) A Plant-Based Diet Is Awesome...   (read more)

*Nobody Doesn't Get Enough Protein * There's Protein in Everything That Grows Out of the Ground * The Myth Gets Everyone (Even Me) * Where Does the Protein Myth Come From?...   (read more)

An absolutely magnificent, cruelty-free Thanksgiving feast....   (read more)

Herewith excerpts from Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals. I really love this book because the author undertakes to begin from a neutral, unbiased, truth-seeking position, and then reaches the conclusion it seems to me anyone even modestly rational and compassionate, and who thinks about it for five seconds, inevitably ought to....   (read more)

"Where were you during the holocaust of the animals?” - Helmut Kaplan ... This book was pretty enlightening....   (read more)

Fabulous cruelty-free Thanksgiving spreads from master chefs (along with no cancer and heart disease, or environmental destruction); versus 50 million horror-movie deaths. The choice is yours! :)...   (read more)

Sir, Martin Samuel adduces a variety of compelling reasons why it would be impossible to free-range breed the 1.6 billion chickens consumed in the UK every year (comment, Feb 29). Here's an idea: how about just refraining from tormenting, killing and eating the 1.6 billion sensitive birds altogether?...   (read more)

"We cut the throat of a calf and hang it up by the heels to bleed to death so that our veal cutlet may be white; we nail geese to a board and cram them with food because we like the taste of liver disease...   (read more)

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Fuchs is the author of the novels The Manuscript and Pandora's Sisters, both published worldwide by Macmillan in hardback, paperback and all e-book formats (and in translation); the D-Boys series of high-tech, high-concept, spec-ops military adventure novels – D-Boys, Counter-Assault, and Close Quarters Battle (coming in 2016); and is co-author, with Glynn James, of the bestselling Arisen series of special-operations military ZA novels. The second nicest thing anyone has ever said about his work was: "Fuchs seems to operate on the narrative principle of 'when in doubt put in a firefight'." (Kirkus Reviews, more here.)

Fuchs was born in New York; schooled in Virginia (UVa); and later emigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived through the dot-com boom. Subsequently he decamped for an extended period of tramping before finally rocking up in London, where he now makes his home. He does a lot of travel blogging, most recently of some very  long  walks around the British Isles. He's been writing and developing for the web since 1994 and shows no particularly hopeful signs of stopping.

You can reach him on .

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