Welcome to the Dispatch from the Dark Continent Image Viewer. This is a little gift to all the (no doubt numerous) folks who are weary of my literary incontinence (and limp attempts to come off the page like D.F. Wallace), but who do like to look at pretty pictures. If I do say so myself, the photography I did in Africa makes the shots from all my previous trips look like five miles of bad road. (I credit Africa, the new camera, and my evolving skillz, in rapidly decreasing order of importance.)

     You have two options available here. For one, you can flip through all 550-some of the images that made it onto the site over the course of the two-month trip. These are just as they originally appeared—but stripped of hyperlinks and context. Bear in mind they're also relatively shrunk-down (I'm beginning to think I erred a bit much on the side of conserving bandwidth). For the second option, you can take a gander at large'n'lovely versions of the 51 shots that I decided comprised the best photography of the trip. And by that I mean the elite group that I ultimately picked out—I shot 2,067 frames on the trip, winnowed them to 120, and again to 51—for my own personal self to frame (for now, in a digital frame; one day, on a wall). So, they may or may not be all that representative of the trip; and there are probably too many that include yours truly. But darned if they're not nice to look at.

G R E A T E S T         C O M P L E T E

     Be advised: The pictures in the Greatest Hits group are big: 800x600 pixels (I would have made them larger—at which sizes they're even prettier—if I thought I could get away with it on the web), and around 100K apiece. So, that's 5 megs to download. The Complete group shots, on the other hand, are all small, cropped, and compressed—but there are over 500 of them. I don't even know what that totals up to. In both cases, the images will endeavor to preload themselves a little in advance of when you need them. Caveat Dialuptor.