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C. Dickerman

Rare to still find such a literate individual supporting the greatest debacle of foreign policy and human life in the 21st century. I came across your site after enjoying your book The Manuscript. It's an excellent read and I'm looking forward to your next book. However, some of your entries here are just plain loony. After scanning through a bit of your musings, I assume:
- like most pro-war politicians that you have never seen military service yet feel very comfortable advocating for others to fight and die.
- that you believe that Israel should be protected at all costs including the expense of American lives (just not your own).
- you believe (incredulously) that George W Bush is a competent, even inspiring leader and not the worst US president this side of James Buchanan.

It may be unfair to judge a man by his blog, but I hadn't imagined you as a chicken hawk neo-con gasbag. Also, many of the sources you cherry-picked quotes from have revised their original arguments for Bush and his war. Here's a short selection:

Again, I really enjoyed your book. Please keep writing stories, just don't ever run for public office.

Best regards,

C. Dickerman


Thanks very much for the kind words, re: fiction. As for politics: do you have any arguments you'd like to make, or will you simply call it a day with ad hominem attacks and the usual breezy 'Bush is a monkey because everyone with a brain knows Bush is a monkey' dismissals? If you'd like to engage with any of the arguments put forth here (as, for instance, this gang of high school students did so ably and impressively here), I'd be very interested to hear it. On the other hand, if your only interest is to throw around supercilious discourtesies, well, you're free to do that, too — though I don't think it will advance your cause much. Thanks again for reading, and for the support.

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