Things I Learned at Macmillan
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Hi Michael - greetings from a fellow mnw author. I felt a bit embarrassed because I didn't actually have a link to your website - didn't know about it! But I do now and the link is there.

I second all the good things you have to say about Mike Barnard and MNW. You've sold the rights in Russia! That's fantastic news - well done. Looking forward to meeting you at the launch. (I shall add a little piece about your webpage to my blog when I get the chance - got to go and pick up the kids right now.)



So glad to see the book is available for pre-order! I've placed my order and will wait with bated eager breath here in the Colonies, for its arrival. Well done Michael!

Peter Nolan

Good to see that it's on Amazon, although doubtless I'm getting a free copy.

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