God's Own Privy
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An English person writes:
'This wasn't getting Millie to church'. I've never heard
of that! Who told you that one? I like it. I might start
using it.

A really really anal sad sack/professional proofreader writes:
'Pollack-like'? Do fish often scatter poo around the Cornish landscape then?



I'd like to take a moment to chastise you for calling San Francisco home. Atlanta's not interesting enough for you? What's interesting is that YOU came out of it. It's hardly fascinating that you would be birthed by California, that's expected. I think you underestimate people.

Ok, now that I'm done with that, kudos for smiling in a picture.


I think the photos of the cruciform-like direction sign wrapped in barbed wire are my favorites of your entire trip so far. Just stunning. The flower photos are wonderful, too.

I think if I had lived in SF just a couple of more years I might adopt it at my home town, Fairfax being not even remotely as cool as Atlanta...


If you replace the "at" with "as" in the second sentence above it will make me seem like less of an idiot.

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