Some Things I Think You Should Know
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In a related story, I got "Rick-Rolled" at a Shoney's this morning while waiting to pay my tab....


Skeet The Optimist challenges you to write a list of 10 things you see strangers in the city doing that you totally LOVE.

Jacqui Lewis

Re: pulling up your underwear. You is OUTED as agreeing with Barack Obama on something! :-)

Skeet, here's my top ten Things I Love Seeing People Do in London (in no real order):

1 Striking up conversations in the (otherwise gloomy) queue for day tickets to the National Theatre.
2 Shop staff ostentatiously looking away as you enter your PIN in the chip-and-pin machine.
3 reading Grazia over my shoulder on the tube, then engaging me in conversation about a story on the subject
'I Married a Man Who Turned Out To Be Gay'.
4 Wearing an 'ironic' Edwardian-style moustache, very becomingly, along with immaculately sourced and pressed period waistcoat/brogues/etc (if I may be a female chauvinist for a moment, this applies to handsome youngish men only, or most effectively anyway. It's a great antidote to the Whoops-there-go-my-trousers brigade.)
5 Running down the sloping floor in the Tate Modern Turbine Hall (have only seen kids doing this but live in hope of seeing a grown-up do it).
6 Picnicking in aforementioned Turbine Hall in the light of Olafur Eliasson's Weather Project sun.
7 Stroking and talking to the resident cat in my local newsagent.
8 Exchanging rolls of eyes and theatrical sighing with fellow tube passengers when the driver announces a delay.
9 Picking up dropped gloves/hats/etc from the ground and placing them on top of a wall/bin. Probably futile, but rather touching.
10 My all-time favourite: offering a bag of crisps to their friend sitting with them at the bus stop, then to the stranger sitting alongside them.


I was waiting for this to end "STAY OFF MY LAWN YOU ROTTEN KIDS!!!"

Agree with a lot of it. But remember, theses are the idiots that are going to "take care of us" in our old age

and by "take care of us" I mean euthanize

and by old age I mean within 4 years :)


I happened to come home this very night to watch Episode 10 of Band of Brothers.

My God, am I an ungrateful putz. 8^(


@Jacqui - Beautiful stuff! Made me miss living in the UK.

@Boss - Yeah, but you're a hilarious putz with a gift for the written word and a good eye for photos. I'd love to see what your brain could come up with for an "Awesome in London" list.


Skeet - You're a pal, and a lovely man.

I did do this somewhere along in there.

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