Best [Sic] of People of Walmart
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Well, well, the elusive "Fuchs" shows his head...

Michael wrote: "...and telling me it will be done when he damn well says it's done and, oh, when it's 37,000 words shorter."

Here's what you do: open novel Word document->select all->find-> "the" -> replace -> " " -> enter.

I think your regular Wal-Mart posts are really a cry that you miss your mother country, and all the things that make it unique.I bet your UK comrades truly can't understand the daily freak-show that is a rural Wal-Mart setting.


It's actually pretty amazing how many times one says nearly the same thing in the first and third sentences of a paragraph, if one starts looking for it. I also found (usually with Anna's help) some really rousing endings to chapters, buried several lines or paragraphs from where I actually stopped talking. Leaner almost always turns out to be better in this business.

DftRE: Explaining America and Britain to each other since 2003.

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