TMB Day 6: The Enchanted Valley
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Tim Corrigan

Awesome video.

Lol at the links to the 640x480 pics!

Sure I've seen a glacier before:
I'm the guy on the right.


Sorry I got that wrong.

And wow! Where the heck is that? (Trawled through back to 2009, can't find any details...)

Tim Corrigan

Top of Kilimanjaro :)


I had all of my belongings, inside my pack, in large sealed freezer bags, about 10 in all, (i.e. one bag for clean socks, one for dirty socks, etc.) I'm sure you remember me sorting through them when we did laundry, etc. Both of my outer jackets are waterproof. My pants were Blackhawks (
In other words: I was kitted out for rain the entire trip.

Because, as you quite correctly point out - it can be a trip ender if you do it wrong.

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