ARISEN, Book Four
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We're all enormously proud of you, and love seeing success claw its way into your apartment!



Thank God! Comments outside of facebook! Thanks also for the lovely words of support. And the scrotum. (I have no doubt it's missed, in some quarters...)


Really loved the first 4 books and I can not wait for number five to come out. When might the fifth book be released by chance?


Cheers, Thomas. Book Five will be out this year - we hope a bit closer to this point in the year, than to the end of it. When we have a more specific launch date, we'll post it on, so that's a good place to keep on eye on. Thanks again for reading, and for the very kind comments!



Hi,just want to say the books are amazing reads, with good balance of high detail/pace, character depth and great story telling, can't wait for Book 5 and spread the word and got 3 colleagues at work on the series :)


Don - Very many thanks indeed for taking the time to comment, for the very kind words of support and detailed feedback, and not to mention for the invaluable word of mouth. All are very much appreciated. Thanks for brightening my morning - now I'd better get back to work and make sure Book Five happens!



What can i say other than wow, amazing work from you both for Exodus Book 5, well worth the wait and agree with many of the comments i've read, the best so far. Thanks for your perseverance, cant imagine what it's like, but just so grateful. I ran a half marathon yesterday and was shattered but still managed to read through it in one go. Regretting it now and wished i paced myself better (reading that is!) Roll on Horizon!!! Only just twigged the Michael Murphy link as well, looking forward to the Lone Survivor film this Xmas too.


Don - Thank you very much indeed for your gratifyingly effusive feedback. So glad you liked it so much. Congratulations on your half-marathon - afterward you probably felt like I did at the end of this book... that's a great achievement. Yes, the Lone Survivor film should be terrific. Wahlberg's probably 20 years too old for the role, but hey, it's Hollywood! (I've got Luttrell's second book here on my shelf, but it's had to take a back seat to a pile of Army Special Forces books I've been reading for research... yes, that's a hint about something that lies ahead...) Thanks again for reading, for writing in, and for the head-ballooning praise!

All best,


It's praise well due to you both. Would i be right in saying that Henno was named after the Ross Kemp actor/SAS character in the Brit TV series Ultimate Force? I was an Army Brat (my dad was a Regimental Sergeant Major in the Queens Royal Irish Hussars) so like many, appreciate the detail and research you go into when writing. Ross Kemp In Afghanistan is a great tv/documentary series if you havent seen it already. Best factual book ive read recently is Eight Lives Down (which i believe was the inspiration for The Hurt Locker) and Chris Hunter consulted on the movie. Quick ask, any idea how many books you are planning in the series?? Anyway i'll let you get back to work, we need The Horizon asap :)

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