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Any chance these might get made into movies or a mini series?


Bravo Fkn Zulu MSF!! Take your time and do it right brother... you know the drill.. 80% planning / 20% execution. Anyone trying to hurry you along is doing it wrong.. Their scotch drinking and love making TTPs must be tragic. Let me help you people out; you read the series again slowly.. just savor it until the next book comes out.. then you read the new one at half the speed with twice the savor. This is not some bottom shelf literary swill you're pounding by the shot.. this is the top shelf sippin' series, Arisen! Well, except when the shit hits the fan.. often.. I guess I have to admit, I too find it hard to sip. Double time it Fuchs! And.. don't forget your OODA Loop.


Forgot to ask.. since you're finishing the series; could you post your writing playlist for Arisen, in it's entirety please?

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