Threat to the Republic
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Ali Bygolly

We made the mistake of voting in Bubba Clinton the guy who gave North Korea $16 Billion to stop their nuclear production. Now they have multiple nuclear tipped ICBMs. We voted for Obama who gave Iran $Billions to stop their nuke projects. Now they spend it on advanced weapons developments. Our workforce participation numbers are at a 40 year low. Our standard of living and real wages have declined over the last 8 years. Hillary and Kerry's ineptness in politics has cost us the life of an ambassador and turned the Middle East into a mess. We have an Attorney General who classifies a bloody race war as "peaceful protestors exercising their 1st amendment rights. The current administration is exempt from the rule of law: A treasury secretary that didn't pay taxes; the former head of the IRS used her office to persecute conservative groups, and her successor allowed the destruction of court ordered evidence.
All of this tyranny, and you are afraid of Trump?
Come visit the late great United States and learn the real story; reality.


I don't dispute any of that, Ali. What you wrote, and what I wrote, are perfectly consistent with each other. Which is why the following is of urgent and critical importance:

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