ARISEN, Book Thirteen Launch Date
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Mary Macklin

I can hardly wait, I get hart palpitations just reading about the release date!!.


Thanks, Mary! :)


Love your books, where can i buy it? Its not showing on amazon yet? Please help. Thanks


Lol, i got overexcited. Realised its still september.


Any word on when the audio version will launch?

Larry Graves

Now that your Magnum Opus is complete and you can start thinking about yourself again, please allow me to recommend 2 audiobooks that I think you will enjoy on your runs (if you can listen and run at same time ):
Ghost Sniper by Scott McEwen
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

Thanks for the awesome ride. I look forward to more from you in the future (D-boys didn't do it for me). Maybe spec ops in space...? With mechs?

Enjoy your well deserved rest but make sure your go-bag is packed first.


Cheers, Larry! Good stuff. :)


Great books. As a want to be author, you have inspired me to get back to writing. Thanks.

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