Six Reasons Why Shane Black Bit the Big One with The Predator
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yep. It's too cute by half. It wants the charm of the original, but it can't quite get there.

The bravest thing the original did was not have a Predator in the first 1/3-1/2 so we give a crap about the characters and see they're competent, have real interpersonal relationships with one another and get us invested in rooting for them to find a way to survive.

My problem with using this IP is the play for the nostalgia as opposed to "if this is true, then what else is true" to expand the world and give themselves more to play with.

Like my pitch for a Dirty Dozen reboot (way back when) was "what if other governments tried this, it bit them in the ass, and we then had to clean it up"



You know I wrote this 1/3-1/2 for you. :) I woke up regretting spending the time to publish this - but, now, colour me tickled.

Yeah, you've nailed the core problem with Hollywood right now: blithe, tragic unawareness of the absolutely critical and central axiom that: ALL DRAMA IS HUMAN DRAMA. Shit blowing up (as well as epic CGI robot battles) are neither here nor there, and can never move us in any way. Action is only interesting if it has stakes, and it only has stakes if we care about the people who are in peril.

Predator understood that perfectly. (It didn't hurt that it had a blitzingly original idea, instead of a 31-year-old six-time retread.)


Oh, and just to save you the trouble/beat you to the punch:


Bang on, the guys on a mission movie modern movies continue to focus on the mission being the thing (Suicide Squad being one of the more egregious examples) instead of making us care about the characters before the last 1/3 of the movie. It's all about the bonding or how they come together (Dirty Dozen, Kelly's Heroes, the Devil's Brigade) before the go on to kill half of them.

James Gunn's the Suicide Squad did more in the prologue for the Captain Boomerang character than Ayer's entire movie.

I mean it's nice you have some cool special effects, and the premise was solid for Black's "reboot" but he missed the point.


Yep. (Why aren't you in charge!?)

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