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2007.08.23 : Beauty and Wonder

    "I pulled myself down the line that I had rigged, a tangent from the bow of the sub to the top of the conning tower. I hung on the line by my fists, and my body wavered in the current like a flag on a lanyard. As I was pulled along by the sub, the school swam close beside me. I blinked and reminded myself that if I let go of the line, I would be swept away and quite possibly lost forever. In the water, bioluminescent plankton trailed behind the fish like a cacade of stars. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life, and I remember that it was silver above, cobalt beneath, and this vision still recurs in my dreams."
- Chuck Pfarrer, Warrior Soul   (*)

I've come to realise that, aside from all the other things – and there are a lot of other things, most of them more qualifiable and quantifiable – I seem to have lost my senses of beauty and wonder.

I've only remembered the existence of them through music – when listening to a song as beautiful as this one, for instance: I get that very large, and very light, and very expansive feeling in the pit of my stomach, and feel that I could weep, in a nice, cleansing, being-moved-by-great-art kind of way.

And with that reminder of what I used to feel, I realise the feeling has been a stranger for a long time.

Along with all the other things, it occurs to me to wonder how I might regain at least an acquaintanceship with those senses of beauty and wonder – those feelings that are their own proof that life is worth the living.

Poe, Haunted, 2000 (I listened to this album for two months straight once)

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