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2008.09.03 : Joe-motional
Leiberman's Post-Partisan Pitch For McCain
Plus: "Loveable Woman, Appalling Candidate"
"If John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I'm Michael Moore's favourite Democrat."
- Joe Lieberman

Everyone likes Joe Lieberman. Well, some people, like Erin, are disappointed in Joe Lieberman. But everyone likes (and respects) him. He's like your favourite, goofy, Jewish uncle. Uncle Joe. If you didn't catch Joe at the Republican Convention, here he is. I found this a spirited, entertaining speech – made by a guy who's worked in the same office with both McCain and Obama for years. And it's actually kind of unifying, rather than divisive. At the very least, it's the only time in your life you'll get to hear a major speaker at the Republican National Convention pointing up Bill Clinton as a role model.

And, back briefly on the hot topic, this piece in the Times of London on Palin – "Sarah Palin: a Loveable Woman, But An Appalling Candidate" is just brilliant. I love how the author just can't restrain her amazed admiration for Palin the woman, while putting on hold – just for a moment, until the end of the article – her horror at the prospect of Palin in office. (Oh, the banner headline on the front page of the paper edition reads "She Makes Obama Look Like A Girl.")

So sick are we in Britain, with our centre left-centre right politicians of the centre, not one daring to have a view out of line with the very thin consensus that passes for acceptable opinion here, that we stand stunned by a woman who opposes abortion and shoots moose; who believes in creationism and drilling for oil in the Arctic wildlife refuge; who supports the aerial shooting of wolves and opposes same-sex marriage; who says to hell with the kids and just get back to work; who even campaigned against saving polar bears!

How Hillary Clinton, all safe lines and patronising empathy, must be hating it. How fast Michelle Obama must be recalibrating her soft little tales about baking cookies and enjoying The Brady Bunch. Mrs Palin would eat Carol Brady for breakfast, and still have space for some moose stew. Hell, yes.

But the Sarah Palin Story is not just a show and in America, they are equally agog but not aghast - they are adoring. The American Right loves this woman. They would have her in charge of the country.


Vera Drake just came from LoveFilm (the British NetFlix), so I'm off to see how grim things are when abortion is outlawed . . .

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